General Advice On Family Planning

Approaching A Family Planning Clinic In London

If your thinking of going down the route of starting a family or curious about sex and would like some general advice and information on what services are available to you to point you in the right direction or keep you protected, then drop in centres are located country wide. You will find getting to a family planning clinic in London, like, or indeed other boroughs easily accessible these days, as more is done to make the public more aware of how they can help them selves or learn about contraceptive methods.

Sexual Health & Protection

use family planning clinic london for adviceAs you can imagine, there are various paths you can take to maybe inform you more of what steps you can take to help in planning for a future family. Many experienced staff are there to help in this field. There are also many counsellors on hand to help with understanding the many methods of contraception that are widely available to the general public, but if this is going to be your first time, then it really would benefit you to talk openly with a family planning clinic to discuss what birth control methods you should be using in order to protect your self and your partner.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most staff know that waiting for results to test for any STD can be a stressful time, fortunately test result times have come down rapidly over the years meaning the wait is never going to be that long, dependant upon what STD is being looked for. For example, Hepatitis C can take between 2 weeks to six months to show signs of itself, whereas Genital Herpes can manifest between four to seven days, but also may not show signs for months to years after the fact. What you should take away from this is that a visit to a family planning clinic is always advisable if you are thinking of starting a family to thinking of your first time and would like to be informed of your choices.